Forge Design


The world's best designers, managed under smart contracts.


Forge Design is a collaboration hub, where businesses, startups and individuals can find and choose the best designers to deliver  sketches, renderings, technical drawings or prototypes. 

Assemble your team from all over the world, then manage them using smart contracts that ensure total trust.

We help individuals, startups and even major businesses manage design projects and turn ideas into reality. 


Using the blockchain to protect your ideas 



Trust between different people and groups regardless of geography

Creation of parametric e-contracts

Automatic payment

Controlling/assigning IP for specific objects

Forensic auditability

Perfect Records of

Work completed

IP Ownership


Meet The Team


Kieran Singleton

Cofounder, Executive Officer

Formerly a technical programme manager and chartered mechanical engineer with roughly 10 years of industry experience, Kieran has delivered a wide range of concept car programmes and special vehicle projects. He graduated from Imperial College in 2005 and had a previous life as a British Army officer.

In his experience the most successful technical projects are a factor of good design, and good governance.

He has experienced first-hand the challenges for small businesses in finding skilled and capable people to support projects over short durations, and Forge is a bid to solve these. 

Less Relevant Info:

When he’s not over-planning Kieran often enjoys mountain biking and getting rained on in Wales. 


David Seesing

Cofounder, Design Officer

Prior to starting Forge Design David had a successful career as an automotive designer, after graduating in Vehicle Design from the Royal College of Art in 2010.

He has worked on the brands of Bentley, Bugatti, Mercedes and Audi; including cars such as the Bugatti Galibier and ItalDesign Parcour. Most recently he led the design team to produce and launch the new TVR Griffith.

His time as a freelance designer around the studios of Europe has given David a deep understanding of the issues affecting the freelance workforce, and a wide network of world-standard automotive and product designers whose input ensures Forge remains a platform with, and for, the best international talent.

Less Relevant Info:

David is a strength powerhouse and usually has a couple of spare tickets to the gun show.


Matthew Ward

Chief Technology Officer

Matthew Ward comes from a long and successful career in blockchain technology and digital product management, consulting for bluechip companies in blockchain technology.

He periodically contributes to industry publications and advises global market-leading organisations on the application of blockchain technology to their industries. He is also a frequent speaker at international blockchain conferences and events. 
During his career, Matthew has created and sold several new blockchain applications which are now in day-to-day use  in various large companies.  

He leads the technical delivery and manages our software development team

Less Relevant Info:

Matthew has an Ethereum miner in his garage, working 24/7 in appalling conditions.



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