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Forge Design are a global agency of the world's best product and automotive design professionals. We can provide expert teams or individuals to support your in house team, or deliver entire projects for you remotely - for maximum flexibility.


The best results, every time.

Our team have decades of experience managing concept design programmes, and will build on your brief to ensure it is delivered perfectly. Whether your project is two weeks or two years long, you can trust us to execute - and make your idea more successful.




Projects to change the world.

As a designer in our community you can apply to work on game-changing projects remotely, or in house, in a way that meets your schedule. Create, imagine and do your best work remotely, ensuring your IP is protected forever with our image-fingerprinting technology.





Creation in the blockchain


  • Trust between different people and groups regardless of geography

  • Creation of parametric e-contracts

  • Automatic payment

  • Controlling/assigning IP for specific objects

  • Forensic auditability

Perfect Records of

  • Work completed

  • IP Ownership

Meet The Team


Kieran Singleton

Cofounder, Executive Officer

Formerly a technical programme manager and chartered mechanical engineer, Kieran has delivered a wide range of concept car programmes and special vehicle projects; with roughly 10 years of industry experience. He graduated from Imperial College in 2005 and served as a British Army officer before continuing his technical career.

In his experience the most successful technical projects are a product of good design, and good governance.

He has experienced first-hand the challenges involved in finding skilled and capable people to support innovative projects; that Forge is in a bid to solve. 


David Seesing

Cofounder, Design Officer

Prior to starting Forge Design David had a successful career as an automotive designer, graduating in Vehicle Design from the Royal College of Art in 2010.

He has worked on the brands of Bentley, Bugatti, Mercedes and Audi; including cars such as the Bugatti Galibier and ItalDesign Parcour. Most recently he led the design team to produce and launch the new TVR Griffith.

His time as a freelance designer around the studios of Europe has given David a deep understanding of the issues affecting the freelance workforce, and a wide network of world-standard automotive and product designers whose input ensures Forge remains a platform with, and for, the best international talent.



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