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Forge Design was created in 2016 to solve a problem - to make the best designers more accessible to the best automotive companies. Creativity and individuality is becoming ever more important, whilst at the same time companies need more team flexibility.

To address these issues, we have created a collaborative new community which links talented creative specialists directly to clients - to give them more control over the work they do, and more freedom to manage their own portfolios.

We've built a network of those people considered to be the best 100 designers available today, based on our extensive experience in the automotive industry, and trusted referrals from design leaders all over the world. 

As a creative professional, this network maximises my exposure to the best
available projects


Forge Design is a connected design agency with a light touch. We are building a worldwide community of great designers that can collaborate together on new work, provide feedback to each other, and where people can benefit from bringing new projects to the group.

Joining is currently by invitation only. If you would like to find out more please contact us, here.

As a fast moving business we can find the best designers available - at a day’s notice
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